The “Abayifuor Nku” I Sell Can Buy 20 Cars Every Week-Rev. Obofuor Brags To Critics

The “Abayifuor Nku” I Sell Can Buy 20 Cars Every Week-Rev. Obofuor Brags To Critics

Controversial man of God, Reverend Obofuor has hit back at those who critics his way of living as being too expensive. According to the controversial Kumasi based man of God, even the cream he sells at his church known as “Abayifuor Nkuu” which fights of witchcraft alone can buy 20 cars in a week.

The founder and General Overseer of Annoited Palace Chapel, Reverend Obofuor also known as Asanteman Bofuor has come under attacks in recent time for his lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

Just yesterday during the naming ceremony of his newly born son at the Tema Branch of his church, Asanteman Bofuor gave away 15 cars including Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Chrysler, Toyota Corolla and others.

But responding to his critics, Asanteman Bofuor revealed that just selling the Abyaifuor Nkuu alone can buy 20 cars in a week so people are wasting their time discussing his wealth.

Using Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook as an example of someone benefiting from his knowledge and skills, Reverend Obofuor revealed that he has been blessed with the knowledge of how to fight off witches and wizards.

He has fashioned the knowledge into a cream and sells it making him a millionaire. He even told his critics that he will be launching a Rolls Royce Phantom soon so they should watch out.


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