The lyrics to SAPAHINI, Dancehall Warrior

The lyrics to SAPAHINI, Dancehall Warrior

SAPASHINI (dancehall Warrior)
By : Stonebwoy
Prodby Armhouse Jamaica
Mixed And Mastered By Beatzdakay
Glory Glory Glory
Giving Jah Jah Glory
Cz where would I ever be
What can I ever say.
If it no be Jah Jah Yeah Yeah
CHORUS – welcome the sapashini Sapashini – the Dancehall Warrior
– call me the sapashini sapashini – Could a vex could a worry yooh

Cz a No Man Crown King
Is a God Crown King
So When Gods Crowned King
Crown A Next Man King
Original King
A no Talking Thing
Then You Know How Real it is
I’m Sharper
Allow Me And Make Me Kill them fi supper
Next time I Gwaan fly in with chopper
Five thousand People Show Up not even half of
Was Like A Movie Scene Without Clapper
Dj Parara You Dey Run The Antenna
Unu deserve some respect and Manner
Come take respect Kamana

Look Pon The Street of Tamale
Choke up totally
No breathing space
No time fi Nobody
Dem A Do it Like Nike
And Ride Pon bike
Some of The old people
dem a move pon donkey
A follow dem a follow me
To the King palace so fi go honour me
In all of these give honor to me mother Yeah
And praises to the almighty
Welcome The…

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