The Official Trailer “DIVINE INTELLIGENCE”

The Official Trailer “DIVINE INTELLIGENCE”


‘Divine Intelligence’ is a Christian movie whose cast is made up of Christian actors and actresses from various denominations including Assemblies of God Church, Praise Harvest Community Church (PHCC), The Church of Pentecost, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Roman Catholic Church, Lighthouse Chapel, ICGC, The Porters House, Action Chapel, Salem Christian Centre, Winners Chapel, Methodist Church, KICC, etc, all based in the United Kingdom. The movie is set to be released in the latter part of 2015. The upcoming blockbuster movie was written and directed by Sammy Ankrah, one of the core leaders and a member of the Board of Trustees of Praise Harvest Community Church (PHCC) headed by Rev Moses Asare in the UK.

The movie primarily deals with the growing phenomenon where charlatans have besieged the church nowadays, using all sorts of ‘fake’ strategies in the name of God to deceive the unsuspecting followers, for their parochial interest. It creatively exposes some of the cunning strategies that these ‘Fake Men of God’ adopt to carry out such despicable activities, enabling viewers to be aware of such schemes, so as not to fall victim to the tricks of these charlatans.

While stressing more on the activities of ‘False Prophets’, the movie does not lose sight on the efforts of genuine men of God who go about their calling with all good intent. It also deals with other real life issues from which lessons could be learnt by all viewers.

The movie, centred on real life experiences of the writer and director and other people as well as a message delivered by Bishop O A Bernard of Praise Valley Temple, Amsterdam, has an ethnically diverse cast and crew consisting of people of English, Sierrra Leonean, Carribean, Indian, Romanian, Swazi, South African, Zimbabwean, Ghanaian, Nigerian and Mauritian origins, all based in the United Kingdom.

The writer and director postulates that a lot of people becoming ‘professional preachers of the gospel’ nowadays do so not because they have been truly called by God, but that they see it as an easy route to achieve financial success, societal recognition, respect and fame. Even where people were genuinely called by God into ministry, some of them soon learn the ‘charlatanistic tricks’ and so deviate from the ‘path of righteousness’ to join the bandwagon, maintains the director. This development, according to Sammy Ankrah, is having a negative impact on the church and virtually overshadowing the good works of genuine preachers of the gospel who are doing everything possible to save lives from being lost.

The movie promises to be full of education, entertainment and enlightenment.

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