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The Political Game

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The Political Game

The people in this context is the voter who is interested in Employment, Shelter, Medical, Water and Electricity supply being the basic needs to existence. The people, have nothing to fight for but to depend on a system manipulated by politics and the powers that be. As I grew in this generation of survival and the exchange of business acumen that exist within us but not possibly available to the poor in third world countries, it is difficult for their governments to keep up with the pace of the western world. The pressure subjected on Third World countries through an orchestrated system that technically forces their leaders to sign on to organizations like WHO, UNICEF, UN, IMF, etc only exposes the vulnerability that exist; causing poor performance and their inability to harness the potentials in those countries.

It only occurred to me recently that Third World countries have opened their parliamentary proceedings to the West in the name of democracy through the eye of the organizations above to collect data. Unfortunately, the practice assists the Western countries to better understand and control activities in developing countries. Sounds like “Once broke, Forever broke”.

Have you wondered why Political leaders promise to fix basic issues like Water, Housing, Hospital, Unemployment and yet when voted to power become puppets to the neocolonial system? Irrespective of how hard they try, their only answer to the mishap is “lies”; the hard truth is that they want the best for their people but the unfortunate system and the financial disposition designed to keep these countries dependent on the mercies of the West, causes these leadership to deliver the same poor services irrespective of differences in political party ideology.


Rwanda is cited for making a tremendous economic improvements which is believed to be at the disadvantage of its neighbor – Congo. If Congo’s resource is being exploited to make Rwanda grow, what will be the fate of Rwanda in the coming years if Congo gets smart? The hub to economic freedom still rest in the Western World, the G5 or possibly G7.

Africa is struggling from many angles, speaking of sustainability of power supply to accessing clean water. Confidence has been jeopardized to enforce interest in Western support at all times. Over 80% of imports of secondary products are supplied by the West against the 80% of exported raw material from Africa. If secondary products have greater value than raw materials then I leave the rest to your judgement.

How come electricity supply in Africa has never been sustained? I refuse to accept the argument that our leaders are slow. The sudden apology by United Kingdom to slave activities is opening the doors to a clean sheet. Leaders of black nations are starting to have a voice although a bilateral economic systems for African countries will not give a fair market platform to negotiate with the West. The benefit of electricity is obvious, yet not available or not a national interest to Third World countries due to unfair international market; giving the rich more power to control all resources.

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