The Secrets Of McDonalds

The Secrets Of McDonalds

The Secrets Of McDonalds

WilliamBernard BROWN — It sounds like your off to a really good start Billy. And you’re welcome. I’m glad that I could help you out a little bit. Just do the best you can. Try not to put any pressure on yourself. And stick to your guns. Don’t go back just keep moving forward. Start taking walks after meals. Walking is really good for you. Stroll, clear your head. breath the fresh air, and relax. Helps the digestion process. Build up from one day to the next and walk farther and farther everyday. Taking long walks will help to get things moving for you and it help you psychologically as well as physically. You don’t need heavy exercise as much as you need steady low impact exercise especially in the beginning.

Also look into cleaning out your colon. A clean colon goes a long way. Colon health means a lot to overall health. High Colonic’s are something that a lot of people take advantage of. Look into that, although it can be pricey. You can find people that will charge you for them on a sliding scale. It’s really worth it if you can afford them.

There is a product you can buy in health food store called “Colon Cleanse”. It’s a good product to use for sure. You’re headaches are obviously due to the diet. Your body is probably just bitching and moaning because your changing things up so drastically. That’s why cleaning out your colon will really help you because a lot of bacteria and poisons reside in the colon.

Search here on yourtube organic apple cider vinegar. Using a little of that will help stomach acids for better digestion. Digestion and elimination is the key. Eat a lot of organic fruit as well. Get organic red grapes with the seeds and eat the seeds also. That’s really good for you.

If the headaches persist you probably should check with a doctor just to rule anything serious out. But I’m sure your alright. Your body is just pissed at you right now cause it wants a Big Mac.

If your not already doing this squeeze organic lemon in your water. Try to drink as close to a gallon of water a day as you can. But don’t go crazy with it… Fresh water flushes out the poison. That’s most likely why your having headaches. Your flushing your system out and all the poisons are being flushed out too while your starting to get hydrated.

Also… Find a Persian market near you and buy plain yogurt with live active yogurt cultures… Eat a little bit of that in the morning and evening with organic lemon and honey. That’s great for digestion and it’s a little bit of a treat. A good brand name is “Abali Yogurt”. Great stuff. Use honey instead of sugar whenever possible. And drink a little organic Pomegranate Juice everyday because it’s great for your heart and will cut down on the bad cholesterol.

Anyway… If I think of more tips I’ll shoot you a quick message. Keep up what your doing and just relax and get into the habit of doing all these new things over time… You’ll get used to it. Try not to rush yourself or get down. Keep calm and try to enjoy the ride as much as you can. Enjoy the journey and know that the beginning is always the roughest part. But the closer you get to where you want to be the better your going to feel in the long run. And know that you can do this. Take care Billy Brown. :-I

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