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The talented fingers who makes unique Slippers and Sandals in Ghana


The talented fingers who makes unique Slippers and Sandals in Ghana

The African environment keeps renovating the lives of Young and talented Entrepreneurs will continue to inspire the world. As part of our quest to find African talents and gifted Personnels, we came across one gentleman by name Master K, who is gifted with making African Slippers and Sandals.

Master K is an Entrepreneur who is specialized in the making of Slippers and Sandals. In One on One Interview with Vhimpromo, Master K revealed the slippers and Sandals making industry is not an easy Enterprise but resilience and hardwork pays.

He started making slippers from an Early age and through toils and hard work he currently owns a mini-factory at Abrepo in the Ashanti Region. According to him, he spends over 2 hours in designing unique styles and creating trends of Slippers and Sandals for others to copy. He currently makes the best custom made slippers and Sandals. According to him, he buys the best raw materials on market regardless of the asking prices. He believes that, in other to make the best Slippers and Sandals, you need to put in extra effort which includes financially. He further explained that, “Shoe makers are thieves”, that is, most of them copy from each other without permissions. He gave us a scenario where two of his former apprentices took some of his ideas to establish a shop on their own. Again, he gave us a personal story on how he copied some ideas from his friends too.

He shared detailed story on how he was able to come up with these skills and how his line of work has influenced his life.

Watch full Video of the story of the best custom made slippers and sandals in Ghana


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