The war; Diamond Appiah vrs Mzbel

The war; Diamond Appiah vrs Mzbel

See what Diamond Appiah wrote on her facebook wall.

I stand to be corrected but i don’t remember Shatta wale endorsing Mahama ? but he went on two NDC campaign platforms to perform n got paid with a big chunk of mahama paper from that corrupt administration but abeg wasn’t MZBEL a musician? Didn’t she even compose two campaign songs for Mahama which was rejected n never used by the party? Hahahahahaha i laff enter her apartment with my campaign team to help her pack her borla goods fast and relocate to Burkina faso to continue her night market alele business there bcos her own party knew her career died n got buried at awodome cemetery years ago under their Dumsor administration that was why she was never booked to perform on any of their platforms. How on earth will a sane human being insult a Presidential candidate when the party doesn’t even recognize u as a relevant musician. ROTFL Lmaoooooooooooo

Mzbel also wrote on Instagram:

“Yesterday, the world witnessed the actions of a great leader for his show of respect for Ghanaians the rule of law and our constitution. I wish to congratulate my father, mentor and hero, H.E John Dramani Mahama for his enormous courage to peacefully concede defeat in the elections. My respect for this legend has bloated and I am proud to have been part of his campaign. In my opinion, He is still the best man to move Ghana forward and His deeds during office is a strong proof of this. This is the man whose family accepted and treated me as part of them regardless of my flaws. This is the man who treated people with fairness and an open mind. I will relentlessly give my support to him any day because I still truly believe in Him. A leader isn’t someone who forces others to make him stronger; a leader is someone willing to give his strength to others that they may have the strength to stand on their own. I doff my hat to you Sir! ????”

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