There Are Many ‘Talented But Broke Artistes’ In Ghana – D Black

There Are Many ‘Talented But Broke Artistes’ In Ghana – D Black

Ghanaian rapper, entrepreneur and Black Avenue Music Boss, D-Black has made some shocking revelations about show business.

The ‘Vera’ hitmaker is of the view that, success in any kind of business or even showbiz cannot be solely achieved based on talent alone.

D Black bluntly admitted that there are better rappers than him but are struggling to become successful.

D-Black, born Desmond Blackmore was speaking in an interview with Ghanaweb.

According to him these “talented broke rappers” out there do not have the ability to afford “the machinery or business acumen enough to push what they’re doing,’ in order to be ‘wealthy’ like him.

D-Black blatantly admitted that “It’s not just about talent” that makes musicians relevant.

He further added that, there are rappers who are as good as or even better than Sarkodie and Guru. These rappers, according to him may have found success in the rapping game. But they may have still not found their big break in Showbiz at large.

To him, apart from not being business minded, a potential rapper is bound to fail if he lacks a business driven team.

One which he added may not have the mindset to push that rapper to the point of success.

He labelled them as “talented broke artistes” while emphasizing the importance of having a “business savvy team.”

One who would compensate for the talent’s lack of basic business skills.

D Black is positive the combination of talent and business making skills would contribute greatly to the success of young artistes.

Meanwhile, D-Black is not the only artistes who believes most of their colleagues are living a fake life.

Other artistes,including Shatta Wale and celebs have also in one way or the other admitted to this assertions.




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