There Are No Performers In Ghana – MzzYankey

IMG_0454Mz Yankey is a performer who rocks the stage and believes one of the few performers in Ghana. She has a silky smooth voice and also raps as well. MzYankey is a lively spirit with an aura of happiness around her which she transfers into her music and performances. A creative artist who brings on something new every time she graces a stage.
Mz Yankey Believes that there are no performers in Ghana speaking in an interview with she explained “My uniqueness is am a performer am not just a singer or rapper I do everything am versatile and am a performer when I come to stage I deliver there is always something new I bring on stage because I just don’t come sing and rap. Am gonna say this every time on every interview that we don’t have performers in Ghana we have singers and good rappers. You know we have good talent but they don’t bring out the feeling in them or the showbiz in it their doing it for money or fun but we want them to deliver and make something new like the way Chris brown delivers when he is on stage. Yes were not the same as the Americans but we can do it better than them that’s the fact and it’s the truth. The say you should never feel when you’re different that you’re limited, when your e different your different you should be proud of your differences.”
She is in to pop music but also makes dancehall, reggae and many others because she loves to experiment her versatility. She has released 5 singles and one is with Popular musician Castro which is trending “gedegede” also with Shattawale “my time” Mzz Yankey is an entrepreneur who sells wigs and other Feminine beauty products. She loves designing as well and looking forward to further her education in that field.
Mx Yankey was nominated in the \unsung category of this year’s VGMA and hoping to be in other categories next year as she is working hard to make it big time. We have the video of the interview coming up soon.



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