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There is no back door to Big Brother Africa – Selly


There is no back door to Big Brother Africa – Selly

imagesThe Ninth Edition of Africa’s biggest reality series, Big Brother Africa BBA, kicks off in September.

Already, Ghanaians who are interested in representing Ghana in this year’s Big-Brother Africa have started buzzing and knocking the doors of some ex-Ghanaian representatives to see how best they can assist them into the house.

One of Ghana’s representatives in the Big Brother ‘The chase’ edition, Selly seems, to be facing more pressure from her fans and social media friends, asking her to assist them with easy links to enter into the house.

Speaking to Razz Newspaper, Reporter (Mustapha Inusah)she confirmed that, it’s true that people are buzzing her phones and her social media with messages, asking her to assist them in any means to find their way into the BBA house and also help them pass through back door.

She said that, as far as she’s concerned, there’s no back door or any connections to entering into the BBA house. Talking about how she got into the BBA house, she said that her situation was based on luck because she didn’t know what BBA was and also, she was not a real fan of the show until she got into the house.

Talking about which kind of candidate she wishes should be selected and can go on to win the ultimate price of Ghana this time round, she gave the attributes of the fellow as someone who’s Bold, tolerant, with good personality, someone who can attract votes in other countries and someone who can easily understand other peoples culture because BBA is full of surprises.

She added that , she will not advise anyone not to go to BBA, ‘Although I will only go back to the BBA house when I am called again , only if I can be assured that there will not be shower hour and also the possibility of me winning the money. I will not advise anyone not to go to BBA because the benefits in it are huge’ she added.

Adding her voice to the debate across African countries about the fact that BBA Africa does not depict and speak well of the African rich culture, she mentioned, ‘I Don’t think BBA should be blamed for some of the bad cultures that goes on in the house . It’s the individuals that go into the house that needs to be blamed because anyone who enters the house is cautioned against his or her conduct.’

Talking about the various nude pictures that come in the public domain during the shower hour, she said that she doesn’t believe that the African culture tells that when when one is bathing, one should put on shirts and pants, so if the various representatives in the BBA house bathe and it manages to come out during the shower hour, she doesn’t think one need to blame them or blame BBA producers because that’s the format of the program.

As it stands now , BBA auditions have already began , with entry opened to the same 14 countries with the exceptions of Angola which will be replaced by newcomer , Rwanda as a results of the change participating countries this year are Botswana , Ethiopia, Ghana , Keyan ,Malawi,Namibia,Nigeria,Sierra Leone,Rewanda, South Africa , Tanzania , Uganda , Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Enteries are only opened to persons aged 21 and above , who are citizens of one of the participating countries and must have a valid passport , producers are looking for people who are entertaining and passionate about BBA experience , hopefuls must be fluent in English.


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