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Tiffany Grows Stronger!


Tiffany Grows Stronger!

Sexy songstress, Tiffany, born Tiffany Owusu Hayden has shed off a bitter and traumatizing experience the year 2011 brought her after nude pictures of her were circulated on the internet during the latter part of the year.

The pictures popped up after she was attacked by armed robbers at her home some months ago, where her money, jewelry, television sets, clothes and other personal items, including her Blackberry which had the pictures, were stolen.

She later received a phone call from blackmailers who informed her that they had her phone and would release them if she did not pay them. They initially demanded $40,000 dollars which Tiffany Bargained to about $15,000.

Five suspects, all Nigerian students in Ghana who were suspected to be linked to the blackmailing scheme, were arrested by the and arraigned before . The case is still pending and the said phone is currently with the police.

The Fake London Boy singer told in an interview in December that the year had been thought for her. “To be a , you have to know that there are going to be good things and there are going to be bad things; you can't just accept the good ones, you have to be able to embrace the good and the bad, so I have grown to get used to it.”

“You being a celeb, you don't have a personal life, your life is someone's entertainment… you have to know how to do your things…” She said, admitting, “I made a mistake, and then I have learnt from it.”

As a , Tiffany revealed that during the whole sage, her biggest worry was about her son. She was scared that he would grow up to see the mess. She was also caught between “either I go and shy away and be like I won't do music or be strong and show the women that you do make mistakes; you have to learn from them and not repeat them and stand on your feet.”

She lamented that, “It wasn't my fault, but as a celebrity I shouldn't have kept those pictures on my phone. I should have deleted them,” especially when people constantly follow my life.”

Tiffany, who bounced onto the music scene in 2007 with her single, How We Do It, advised her fellow celebrities to know that they don't have a private life and should be very cautious of the things they do.

“I will just advise every celebrity that you have to be on top of your game, and you have to know that you don't have a private life; so even if you have things like that, you should know where to keep them, how to keep them, or just don't even keep them at all.”

Tiffany revealed that she will drop a compilation of all her singles this month, January, which will be a free gift to her fans.

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