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Tinny proves beyoung parrell


Tinny proves beyoung parrell

Beyond All Reasonable Doubt is the name and you can never go wrong about that, if after my 8th professional years in ghana as a musician i have amassed this much, then i must be applauded for doing such a credible job.

Tinny Nii Addo Quaynor pulaly known in showbiz as Tinny ” aletse kankpe” as once again open another door of success in is carrier as a musician.

apart from being a musician is management has has not being only supportive in terms of fixing shows for him or arranging some moneies for him to bring out more songs but has aklso gone to the extent of securing deals at both ghana andf the international front.

Tinny is currently a Glo Ambassador, also the reigning African Artist Of the Year(Hip-Hop World Awards) plus the professional relationship between him and Cadbury international as well as the trade mechanism FairTrade in london.

Currently tinny is editing is own stuff titled “WHO SAY MAN NO DEY” Under the aegis of Hip-hop, Ghanaians pride themselves with Hip-life i.e. a blend of local high-life tunes with some Hip-hop beat. Rap in any of the local dialect is of course, a main feature but at age 27 (1982, 19 Jan), he has defied all existing “rules and regulations” and has set his own standards. He believes he does Hip-hop but the Ghanian in him makes him a hiplife Artist. And you could not agree with him any less.

Ever since his 2003 debut “Makola Kwakwe” was released simultaneously in Africa, Europe and North America, he has with the passage of time proven beyond reasonable doubt that he has got all it takes to break barriers .

His debut chalked up a rare feat by winning the keenly contested “Ghana Music Award” 2003 New Artist of the year on the 13th of March 2004 at the Accra International Conference Center . He also won the Ghana Music Award ( UK edition) New Artist of the year that summer which was hosted at the Strafford Rex Hall, London for the previous year.

A youth Excellence Award for being the “Youth Musician of the year 2003 and Educationist, the Great Lamptey Mills’ Best Guest Entertainment Musician Artist were just mere formalities by Tinny’s standards.

Tongues in London (UK), Brecia, Modena , Vicenza ( Italy ) would, having witnessed his live stage performance during his 2004/05 tour of Europe would confess that his charisma on stage is unparalled. All knees privileged to be in Africa with him would bow because his style and delivery are unmatched. Any wonder then that the music video of his “Djormor” titled song was nominated by channel “O” for “Best Hip-hop video at the Mandela Square in Johannesburg , South Africa in 2005.

after the tall list of success chalked within 8 years of being in the music industry, he proudly sees himself as the first and only urban-African artist to have released two different albums running concurrently in two different countries.’’Kaa Bu Ame’’ in Ghana and ‘’Attention’’ In Nigeria. Since his most anticipated single featuring the ‘King of New York’ Ja Rule has been put on hold,his ’’my ringtone’’ and ‘abuu mo aloo ruff?’ remains his career released


His fans tout him a lyricists and even He believes that accolade has not come cheap.

His knack at making Ga (a local dialect he usually sings and raps in) proverbs sound more appealing and the distinct style with which he flows (mostly rhyming) has not only endeared him to the youth across Africa but won him the respect of native Ga speaking people .

His good looks and neatly “chiselled” slender body adds up his strength thus making him a ladies man as well.

But the aforementioned was all before his sophomore album, “Akwei Polo”: His family (Parents and four siblings) domiciled in London U.K own the Kankpe records label on whose wings the eleven track album was released in 2005.

Maturity comes along with time and practice but for this Young Old man it has done more than enough to earn him a 5-star status he rightly deserves. He has built on what his own heritage has won for him, on and off stage: He sang (in Twi, Ga, English) He rapped (in Twi Ga , English) And composed in (in Twi, Ga, English).

Then came the commercials/advert and has been a hired feature on over 60 songs and still counting ………… “Ricky, Naa Badu, Nakutso Bi” a popular line in most of his songs confirms the immeasurable support he receives from his parents Mr. Ricky Tetteh Quaynor and Christie –Lee Naa Badu Quaynor.

Tinny is a product of osu salem and Okuapeman Secondary for advance education has proven to be enough. His leaving his group Nature and Agony to pursue a solo dream has proven to be wise. Very Wise.

On the 2nd January, 2007 he organized and performed two songs at his grand New Year’s party for 300 HIV/AIDS orphaned children at Manya-krobo in the eastern region of Ghana to mark the beginning of his “Mytinny – Contribution Campaign” which he says would be his Annual Social Responsibility Project.

“Of course my fans constitute the society and they have made me what and who I am. I think I’d be shirking my responsibility if I do not help in my own small way to encourage kid’s to go to school, inspire them to be hard working and help alleviate poverty and diseases in my Ghana and beyond because I am a role model”.

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