Toya Wright Moving Forward with Divorcing Memphitz

Toya Wright Moving Forward with Divorcing Memphitz

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram
Toya Wright and Memphitz’s marriage has been rocky since K Michelle accused him of assaulting her on the first season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” but two reality shows later, and it’s been made clear to Toya that it’s just time for her to move on.
Toya agreed to do a couple of reality shows with Memphitz to work on their marriage, but she claims their stint on “Marriage Bootcamp” was an eye opener for her.
Now she feels it’s just time to sign the divorce papers.

She tells Big Tigger via V-103:

“I did it so we could make things work. At least take the counseling with Jim and Elizabeth… I can honestly say after filming this show, I learned a whole lot about myself. I learned about Memph and I. We weren’t as compatible as I thought we were. It was crazy.

“We’re not together, that’s no secret. We are getting a divorce.

“I used to be a prisoner of people’s opinions of me. Now, Tigger, I’m at a new place in my life. I don’t give a damn what nobody has to say. Imma live my life and do what I do. You gon’ judge me regardless. Imma live my life!”

Check out the video below:

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

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