“Tramadol Will Ruin Your Life” — DJ Switch Advises Ghanaian Youth

“Tramadol Will Ruin Your Life” — DJ Switch Advises Ghanaian Youth

DJ Switch talks about ending tramadol abuse among the youth. Ten-year-old Ghanaian DJ, Erica Tandoh states that she believes it is time to end the abuse of tramadol.

Furthermore, she made these statements after thrilling her numerous fans at Capital View Hotel at Koforidua. Moreover, she advised the youth to abstain from the drug which is claiming and destroying lives.

DJ Switch talks about tramadol among the youth

“I am worried. Also, I know a lot of people worry about the rate at which the youth abuse tramadol. We watch TV and see the bad effects tramadol is having on those who use it. Therefore, I believe it’s time we all come together to help end the abuse of it to save our brothers and sisters who are involved in it.

Tramadol has not better to offer us let us all stay away from it and advise your friends at school and those we play with at home who are taking it to also put a stop to it because it will jeopardize their future.

Mothers and fathers should try as much as possible to get closer to their children to listen to them. Also, to advise them. I believe it will go a long way to end the abuse of tramadol in the country.”

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