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Traphic in Ghana and Italy


Traphic in Ghana and Italy

IMG-20150129-WA0006The duo group which won the Nescafe African revelation competition in Ghana 2005 has split geographically but released a single last week. They are twins known in real life as Yeboah Kakra George and Yeboah Panyin George. They also placed third at the Nescafe revelations for Africa. This competition has churned at some of the big musicians in Ghana Like Praye, Wutah, Echo and many others. The duo are twins and currently one is living in Italy and the other in Ghana. They under management of Stix Entertainment with Solomon Antwi.
In conversation with the one in Ghana he explained that when they won the competition they didn’t give them cash but got them a manager, recorded their songs and marked it, rented an apartment, supplied various nestle products to them for a year and half. During the year and a half their manager got them a lot of shows and also marketed their songs for them. He emphasized that KOD was their manager who was contracted by nestle and he promoted their songs and their brand for that period.
According to Traphic they were contracted to perform at a music festival in Italy in 2011 by a promoter in Ghana. They arrived a day later than they were supposed to and the show was that night but the distance to the venue would take more than 24hours by train so they couldn’t attend the event. Traffic went to stay with their family in Italy and one of them returned that very year and the other also stayed to work and support their music.
Currently they produce their lyrical content together and record separately and merge it together in Ghana. They both perform shows individually at their locations but still remain as a group. Is this healthy and how long can they keep up with this work or is there a probability of them to split? Maybe not because they are twins and stand a better chance at bonding than others.


Monica Otumfuor

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