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Uganda Kid Actor To Meet Will Smith


Uganda Kid Actor To Meet Will Smith

An 11-year-old Ugandan child actor, Benjamin Abemigisha, hopes to meet American superstar Will Smith one and share the screen with him.

The last child of seven boys was the only Ugandan nominee at this year's African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) held in Nigeria. He was nominated for Best Child Actor for his role in the movie, ‘ Zebu And The Photofish' .

Unfortunately, he lost to South 's Sobahle Mkhabase (Thembi), Tschepang Mohlomi (Chili-Bite) and Sibonelo Malinga (Khwezi) in Izulu Lami.

Prior to the 's night, he told -ONE that if he did not win the award, he would work harder despite the fact that he was confident of winning.

Benjamin, who sounded very bright and intelligent, said he took inspiration from Will Smith whom he considered as a role model.

‘I look up to Will Smith,' he started. ‘I watch his movies. I love his bad boy movie. That was a very funny movie. I also saw . I want to be like him,' he added.

At eleven, Benjamin hasn't done bad in the Uganda movie industry, as he has starred in two movies , one of which gave him his African Movie Academy Award nomination. He played Zebu in ‘Zebu And The Photofish'. In the movie, he played the role of a clever kid who was bent on saving his dad from some negative realities of life.

Explaining how he got into movies, Benjamin, who attends the Anglican Primary School, said he was asked to go and audition for a role in the movie and fortunately, he was selected for the role.

He said his parents and brothers also supported him by inspiring him.

Benjamin's mother told NEWS-ONE that her son was able to combine his studies at school and acting.

‘Most of the time, the opportunity comes during holidays, so it does not affect his education. We support him, we believe it is a God-given talent, there is no way we can stop him from acting. I surely supported him that is why I followed him to AMAA. I feel honored for him,' his mother concluded .

Source: NewsOne

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