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Recall that towards the end of last year,the media was awash with the story that actress Susan Peters staged a concert channeled towards uplifting the less privilege children in our society.

Tagged Susan Peters and LAD,it was held on December 23,2011 at Civic Centre,Victoria Island,Lagos.

Like every other entertainment celebrity who has embarked on this course,encomiums poured on Ms. Peters,as she made people to feel that she was following the footsteps of her colleagues such as,Tonto Dikeh,Omotola Jalade Ekeinde,Mercy Johnson and many others who have in their little ways given back to the society that kept them in various positions.

Of course,actress Susan Peters has unarguably contributed her quota as one of the good actresses in Nollywood.She has in countless films exhibited her acting prowess to convince teaming fans that she came to Nollywood to make a mark.

Right now,people are saying that Susan Peters and LAD concert for the charity which garnered clamor from all angles was not her own original package as she made people to believe.

According to the source,Ms. Peters made her friends,colleagues and fans to believe that she staged the show to generate fund to support the less privileged children in our society;but the truth is that the concert was not a brainchild of Ms. Peters.

As gathered,the show was originally tagged,LAD Concert for Charity before Ms. Peters keyed into it,and it was originally owned by Damilola Amosun,the 19years old daughter of Ogun State Governor,Ibikunle Oyelaja Amosun who according to the source has experienced firsthand the suffering of less privileged children in her school and decided to organize a concert that will be geared towards improving lives of these children.

However,Ms. Peters never mentioned anywhere that she was supporting this daughter of a Governor by inviting celebrity showbiz personalities to the show,rather she built an image of herself around the concert and garnered cheap publicity.

As gathered the Duchess as she is fondly called by her close pals came into the picture few months back when she went for a make-over in a popular salon in Lagos.

Ms. Peters was said to have overheard the discussion of this 19 years girl and her friends who came to the same salon to make their hair.
According to the source,Ms. Peters gladly introduced herself to this girl and informed her that she as a celebrity entertainer can bring star singers to perform at the event,turn it to a bigger event and enable people pay gate fees to enter,while actors and actresses will naturally step-out to support her.

Indeed,it was a welcomed development for the girl as she allowed Ms. Peters to work with her as a celebrity partner.

According to the source,that was how Ms. Peters learnt about the LAD Concert for less privilege children.As they kicked-off arrangement,Ms. Peters rechristened it,”Susan Peters and LAD” concert for charity,opened twitter page for it and directed attention to herself and top entertainment friends without mentioning the girl’s name anywhere.

As gathered,the fliers and releases she sent around to people never in any part of if mentioned the name of Damilola Amosun as the original owner of the concert.

However,this dark skin actress kept to her words by bringing her colleagues such as, Whizkid,Davido and others to perform for Gov. Amosun’s daughter,even though she duped the audience with the claim that she was the real owner of the show as she designed a banner tagged,Susan Peters and LAD.

This she used as a background for her red carpet,where she allowed only her celebrity colleagues to use.At the point when she posed for paparazzi with Governor Amosun’s three daughters,she never mentioned to anybody that the children are the owners of the show and that she was only supporting them.

Meanwhile,the Governor’s Daughter gave the show a political undertone with all the respect and support she got from various first ladies such as,Senator Remi Tinubu,Abimbola Fashola and many others who honoured her mother.

According to the source,her colleagues and friends who stormed Civic Centre on 23rd night were humbled when they realized that Ms. Peters was not in charge of the purported concert,as she had only two tables allocated to her for the whole Nollywood personalities and that was where her power ended.

In fact,it was a shocker for her colleagues to discover other people on the scene,and eventually they turned out to be the real people in charge of the concert.This is because,Ms. Peters had on various occasions told people: My show is coming up on Friday evening and I have been talking about it to various people,so that all the money that I will use to support less privilege children will be raised

It became clearer to them that their well-respected colleague lied about the real ownership of the concert when Gov. Amosun’s family took charge and gave preferential treatment to political personalities more than showbiz stars.

Ms. Peters inability to take care of her colleagues the way she should have,if the concert really belonged to her uncovered the truth and her colleagues felt so bad that they regretted leaving their homes for Susan Peters.

The situation almost became disgraceful for Ms. Peters when Gov. Amosun’s family introduced 15 and 19years old children to anchor the event.Although the proceeds from the concert ran into millions of naira,actresses were not happy as the two kids who anchored the event murdered their names.

According to the source,Ms. Peters struggled all the way to make a statement to placate her colleagues,but her effort flopped totally,because the real owners of the concert refused to pay much attention to the showbiz stars.

This situation we gathered created heat of anger among the actresses as they regretted even taking their bath that evening and step out to Victoria Island.

One actress was overheard saying: Everything that I did for the sake of gracing this event was a waste,my bath,perfume,make-up,fuel and the idea of coming here in the first place is a total waste

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when the Governor’s Daughter mounted the stage to give vote of thanks to her guests.

Hear her We are grateful to all our supporters,especially Susan Peters who has been very supportive.Thank you for all your support,Susan Peters.

It was at that humiliating hour that actresses started moving outside one after the other.Meanwhile,we spoke with Ms. Peters through the telephone.

First,a text message was sent to her and it read thus: Good morning Susan,please I have few questions to ask you concerning your concert,Susan Peters and LAD.Is it true that the concert was not yours,but belongs to the Ogun State Governor’s daughter,Damilola Amosun? Is it true that she got you to partner with her,but you claimed to be staging the show yourself?

Few minutes later she called and said: Which kind of stupid question is that,yes I was supporting and didn’t I say that? Didn’t you see my fliers?” Yes,I saw your fliers but you never mentioned the Governor’s Daughter,you claimed that you were using the concert to give back to the society,isn’t it?That was what all of us were meant to understand from you”

Please stop asking me stupid questions,she said

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