Van Vicker Is Not My Friend – Nigerian Actress

Van Vicker Is Not My Friend – Nigerian Actress

Contrary to general perception that most Nollywood stars are friends with one another, Tonto Dike has claimed otherwise; that she is not necessarily friends with some of her colleagues.

Tonto, who recently had a messy fight with star actress Mercy Johnson and Van Vicker last year, has confirmed the rift between herself and the mentioned actors.

She claimed Mercy Johnson was not her type and said she had let go of everything that transpired between them.

In a recent interview, Tonto had this response when asked why she chose not to attend Mercy Johnson’s wedding; “That’s not the reason I didn’t attend her wedding. It’s surprising why people think you just have to be everybody’s friend.

In the industry, I don’t know half of the producers and I work for them, I don’t even know half of my colleagues but I work with them, I kiss and hug them on set professionally.

“We flow, we enjoy the friendship on set based on the energy and connection that exists between myself and the next person on set but that does not mean we are friends in the real sense of it.

You can’t just be a friend to everybody, it’s a normal thing. Mercy Johnson and Van Vicker are just not my friends.”


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