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Vanny Reis, Miss West Africa International Sets her Goals for 2012


Vanny Reis, Miss West Africa International Sets her Goals for 2012

Vanny, who was crowned Miss West Africa International 2011-12, has been more than eager to put west Africa on the world map of tourism. She said it is very important that the world sees west Africa for all its hospitality, beautiful locations, cultural and economic contributions to the world, and she is more than honoured to be a goodwill ambassador for west Africa.

Vanny had already started the new year actively competing in the 4th Corrida da Liberdade mini-marathon in Cape Verde just a few days ago amongst other charitable activities. The 14k mini-marathon is held every year in the capital city, Praia, in honour of Democracy Day, which is a national holiday on the 13th January commemorating the return to democracy in January 1991. Vanny was amongst more than 2,500 people who participated in the race. Immediately following the event, she engaged in conversations with a special couple who had also participated in the event – Jorge Carlos Fonseca, the President of Cape Verde, and the Lígia Fonseca – regarding humanitarian projects.

In December, Vanny was also heading a NGO called ‘We Do Care'. This is a charitable organisation, founded in Cape Verde, that focuses on helping Cape Verde's seniors. As Africa develops, the life span of the average African increases. However, Africa is still a relatively young continent, so its seniors are somewhat of an invisible population. Vanny's goal is to help put a spotlight on the critical issues of aging and the needs of elderly seniors in West Africa.

The Miss West Africa ltd organisation is working closely with and supporting Vanny in all her public activities and will soon be presenting a calendar of her public activitis and international appearances. Vanny's activities will be heavily centred around her modelling career, her duties to promote tourism in west Africa by bringing attention to its wonderful culture, as well as ensuring that We Do Care manifests into an international organisation, reaching out to interested volunteers and donors in and outside of Africa.

Miss West Africa ltd is already set to release a 2012-2013 calendar featuring all the queens that participated in the Miss West Africa International 2011 competition. Although it will include the respective queens in swimwear with their national flags, it will also feature great historical facts and moments of west African culture as well as tourist locations. Limited copies of the calendar will be sold in over 15 countries and will feature Vanny Reis on the front cover. Organisers have promised that the calendar would be a mark of history on its own. For more information on booking Vanny or on the Miss West Africa 2012-13 calendar, visit

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