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Vasco G hits studio


Vasco G hits studio

A year after he revealed to Showtime, about his intention to go solo, Vasco G of the Jewels band has finally taken the giant stride to debut with his first single.

He confirmed this in a telephone chat saying he’s concluded the recording and video shots of Ishegun(victory) and it’s now at the editing stage.

‘I’m already through with the video shots of Ishegun and it’s now at the editing stage.
The video is just me with my swag in a white and black background. It’s a simple concept.’

But the dude seems to be torn in two directions whether to release Ishegun first or to go with the popular demand for the Mother-In-Law video which he intends to commence the shooting in two weeks time.

‘I’ll also be shooting the Mother-In-Law video in two weeks time. I’ll be starring Iya Rainbow who played the mother-in-law role in the popular sitcom. But for now, I’m not sure which of the videos to release first. But I may go by popular demand because people love the sound track for the Mother-In-Law TV soap and are eager to know the face behind the voice.

But it’s already among the Alaba selections and my manager is working towards taking it to radio stations for airing.’
Ishegun was shot by Mike Adeleke a.k.a Bishop. While the Mother-In-Law video will be shot by Tunde Oyewo and Rotimi of 225 Entertainment.

Vasco G was the group leader of the band that won the 2007 Star Quest competition.

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