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Viasat 1 Rolls Out A New Telenovela After “Hidden Passion”


Viasat 1 Rolls Out A New Telenovela After “Hidden Passion”

Viasat 1 is set to roll out a new Latin American Telenovela this month. The latest addition to the channel's exciting line-up is expected to draw more viewers from a larger demographic to its
3pm weekday slot.

The new telenovela- IN THE NAME OF LOVE- takes the baton from soon to end HIDDEN PASSION which saw massive audience followings since its during the last quarter of last year.

“En Nombre Del Amor” IN THE NAME OF LOVE tells the story of two sisters Macarena and Carlota, who must pay dearly, with pain, loneliness and resentment, having fallen in love with the same man, and the consequences of that love in their autumn years. It is also a story of two girls Paloma and Romina, whose friendship- born in their childhood- will be put to test in their teen years,
with the arrival of first loves, jealousies envy and .

Paloma is a child who after the tragic death of her parents, is forced to live with her two spinster aunts, Macarena and Carlota. Macarena is loving, caring and soon establishes a warm bond with her niece; whereas Carlota is repressive, authoritarian, domineering and seems to enjoy making life impossible for Paloma. There is one family secret that has been jealously guarded by aunts and that is crucial in the life of the Paloma. When this secret finally comes out everything will change for her and the Espinosa de los Monteros family.

Later on Paloma believes she has found true love with Inaki with whom she makes marriage plans, but her aunt Carlota ruthlessly puts an end to this love forever. Paloma believes that she will never find love
again, because love was not made for her… until the presence of Emiliano changes her life. Emiliano however is not her best friend Romina's boyfriend, but he is also despiced by her aunt Carlota, which will make their relationship impossible. Nonetheless Emiliano will fight with every ounce of his being to be with Paloma… but will it be enough.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE premieres Wednesday 16th March 2011 and will show weekdays at 3pm with repeats at 10am. Other exciting programs are set to premiere this month as well including the seasons 2 of Nigerian series' Tinsel and My Mom & I, Season 4 of CSI: Miami; while the next quarter will see more programs added to the channel's line-up.

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