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(VIDEO): I have bought all Ghanaians – Dr. UN brags after dishing out fake awards to celebs


(VIDEO): I have bought all Ghanaians – Dr. UN brags after dishing out fake awards to celebs

A self-acclaimed Global Ambassador for the United Nations (UN), Kwame Fordjour, is trending on social media for the wrong reasons. He organized his own awards and dished out to some popular Ghanains over the past 4 months.

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At the awards, ‘Dr’ Fordjour gave out plaques which had “UN Kofi Annan Excellence Awards” inscribed on them in a bid to draw a link between the scheme, the UN, and the late Kofi Annan. But days later, it has turned out that the organiser of the awards is a shady character who has no connections with the United Nations or Kofi Annan.

He has been sighted in a video bragging about how he scammed Ghanainas. According to him he has so much money. He said he pays radio personalities GHC10,000 for short adverts and has even bought all the workers of K FM.

Watch the video below:

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