Budding Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo, has revealed that after the death of her very close friend, the late 20 year old

Dancehall artiste, Ebony, she has given her life to Christ in the most intense way.
Born Andrea Owusu, Efia Odo revealed in an interview with Pastor Jeshurun Okyere that she had been in fast cars and several dangerous situations but has come to a realization that it is God that has kept her alive all this while.

The actress also revealed that 2 weeks before Ebony’s death, she started attending The Maker’s House Chapel and decided to be celibate after the preacher spoke against fornication.
She however said she was not as serious as she is after the passing of her dear friend.
“I was no better than Ebony. I was just like her. I live a fun, free, bubbly life. That’s how Ebony was. She wasn’t a bad person”, the US based actress said.
Speaking on love, Efia endeared preachers and other spiritual heads to speak or spread the word of God with love and not judgement.
“You didn’t know the purity of her heart. If you needed her to ‘change’ maybe if you guys had preached with love, she could have been better.”
“People look at people like us and think we’re bad and judge us but we’re not bad. We’re just in the world and we’re trying to find our way. We just need guidance. You guys need to bring love to us.”

She was also quick to add that these people who are always pointing fingers at them sin (maybe differently) behind closed doors.
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