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(VIDEO): My son was sacked because of me – Asiedu Nketiah cries out


(VIDEO): My son was sacked because of me – Asiedu Nketiah cries out

The General Secretary of the largest opposition party, popularly known as General Mosquito has shared an ordeal he has suffered by virtue of the political office he holds.

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Speaking on the AM Show on Joy News on Thursday morning, he said his son was working in a private company at Tema Port before the New Patriotic Party came to power. After they assumed office, he narrated some officials of the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority were on the neck of the company to dismiss his son because he could be a security threat to the nation.


“After NPP came to power, they told the company to dismiss my son because he could import ammunitions into the country to destabilize our peace. So he has been sacked and he’s home for the past three years” he said.


Watch the video below:


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