imagesGhanaian female singer Mzbel has pointed out Shatta Wale over Samini in an interview with ‘Let’s Talk Entertainment’ crew, uploaded onto the official YouTube of MyJoy online on August 5, 2014.

The 16-years singer indicated that to choose her favorite between the Dancehall-rivals, Samini and Shatta; Mzbel said, “I am a Shatta Walien. I love Samini, don’t get me wrong but now, Shatta Wale is trending, so I am a Shatta Walien.”

“Although I love Samini, I am a full time Shatta Walien. Shatta Wale is down to earth; Shatta Wale inspires the people on the streets. Shatta Wale is not the so ‘I’m self-made’ type and all that, and he speaks his mind. He’s not afraid of anything; he is very confident,” she declared.

She further indicated that Samini used to be like her description and reason for being full time Shatta Walien now, but “all of a sudden, okay, I am prim and proper and then the people on the streets were like, ‘okay, he’s left us’. So it’s not like I don’t love Samini anymore; I still love him, but I am a full Shatta Walien,” she elaborated.

#JustAsemBisa: Should Episode or Jupitar get closer to the people on the streets, represent and voice out their trails on their behalf, and by-chance, earn their massive attention from the ‘Dancehall Commando’ singer, Shata Wale; will Mzbel put Wale in Samini’s position now?

And probably become an ‘Episodean’ or a ‘Jupitarian’ though she is a full time Shatta Walien because she seemed to have once upon a time been a full or partial Saminian?

Not forgetting the mysterious missing incident of Hiplife artiste, Castro that occurred on Sunday, July 6, 2014; Mzbel, still holds on to her faith that her colleague and good friend’s father says his son is not dead.

The video also sees Mzbel laugh off reports that she will be joining the list of Ghanaian gospel artistes upon her return onto the music scene.

Watch video below:


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