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Video: Uncontrollable tears flood eyes as schoolboy in viral “Omo Ada” video is laid to rest


Video: Uncontrollable tears flood eyes as schoolboy in viral “Omo Ada” video is laid to rest

Ghana weeps for little boy who danced with Teacher in viral video to Medikal, Song Omoda

Life is indeed too short.  who danced along with his Creative arts teacher in the viral video to Medikal’s, Song Omoda has passed on.

Patrick Jackson died as a result of internal bleeding which was later confirmed by his teacher.

According to his teacher, Prince Jackson, the dance king fell and hurt himself but his parents did not pay much attention to him. His condition worsened because it took five days before he was rushed to the Kwahu-Atibie Government Hospital where the gentle young soul of Patrick Jackson said goodbye to us all.

His teacher was present at the funeral and danced his heart out for this pupil, dance mate and friend who passed on too young.

When he was laid in state on Friday during his funeral, uncontrollable tears dripped down the cheeks of mourners who had gathered to show their last respect to the boy, they loved so much.

Both the young and old, those who knew him in person and others who traveled from far and near to his funeral could not hide their tears.

His classmates and friends at school and home sobbed painfully. Parents, teachers and education directors present burst into uncontrollable tears on the day.  People gnashed their teeth and wished the story was not true. His dance alongside his teacher some months ago caught fire and went viral leading to the BBC coming to Ghana to interview him and his teacher.

This amazing budding confident kid became an instant internet sensation with the choreographic dance video of him. This gave his teacher an opportunity to be featured on BBC

The teacher’s unique style of entertaining his students and building their confidence helped his class to be lively and activity-based at all times and reduced truancy as well.

We at send our sincere and heart felts condolences to the family of Prince Jackson. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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