Video:I want a boyfriend-Actress

Video:I want a boyfriend-Actress

Salma Mumin

Beautiful Ghanaian Actress, Salma Mumin who happens to be a producer as well, has revealed in an interview that she is looking for a boyfriend and hopes to settle down with him.

The CEO of Salma pictures revealed that she hopes to marry soon but the only obstacle to this desire is a Man who would later be her husband and lead her to fulfil her other desire of having a kid. She further disclosed that guys are not approaching her and that is why she is still single. This is an extract of what she had to say;

I don’t have a boyfriend yet but when I get one who is willing to stay with me, no matter what and that I love and he also loves me then of course I’ll marry him. These factors play a very important role when it comes to marriage so I’m not joking with them.

Do you know I walk around and nobody approaches me? They might think I have a boyfriend but I don’t. I need a fiancé that will become a husband. I need you please come.

Below is a video of the interview she had;

By: Samuel Nyarko


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