“Vote For Me To Win” – Herty Borngreat Appeals To Fans

521622847_304384Have you ever found time to really analyze the impact of Herty Borngreat’s musical talent and versatility on the music scene? Which other musician can match up to Herty Borngreat’s exploits and impact so far as her musical career is concerned?

With all due respects, aren’t many of our gospel musicians merely singers? How many of our gospel artistes can stand up to Herty’s achievement of featuring two hiplife artistes on two different songs and making hits out of them? Herty Borngreat has been able to expose her great touch of musical delivery coupled with her versatility and as such it comes as no surprise she has been nominated variously for the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

For Herty Borngreat to be nominated in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, that means her impact on the music scene in the year under review was so remarkable. Last year at the RTP AWARDS, you should have been there to see the way Herty Borngreat dazzled the audience with her performance and to put the icing on the cake, she ”killed” the rap verse of Sakordie on her song ”bebrebe” and that of Trigmatic on the track ”Ka No Seyaa”.

Kindly help me out, have you heard of any gospel artiste getting the opportunity to be invited for Legon Artistes Night? For Legon Artistes Night, it is mostly the secular artistes who get the chance to perform but Herty Borngreat became the first ever gospel artiste to perform at the Legon Artistes Night. Not only did she perform, she awed the students so much that, they showered some ”kuffour” dollars on her.

That is not all, have you cared to find out exactly what happened when she performed at the 2ND edition of the Ghana Gospel Industry Awards organized by Adom Fm? Have you also considered her performance at the high profile Victory Party held at the Oxford Street after the December 2012 Elections? Your guess is as good as mine.

I have critically studied both Best Collaboration of the Year and Gospel Artiste of the Year awards of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards that Herty Borngreat has been nominated for and I don’t see why she doesn’t deserve to win the awards. I am totally in support of Herty Borngreat winning these two awards and I need you to help me in this regard.

Kindly text G1 to the short code 1767 as many times as possible, so that Herty Borngreat will win the Gospel Artiste of the year award. For her to also win the Best Collaboration of the Year Award, show your love to her by texting J2 to the short code 1767.

When you vote for Herty to win these awards, you have done obviously the right thing to propel her to greater heights on the gospel music scene. I rest my case.

Source: Flex Newspaper

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