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VVIP: Zeal and Prodigal detail how Promzy exited the group


VVIP: Zeal and Prodigal detail how Promzy exited the group

imagesZeal and Prodigal in a latest interview on Joy FM detailed Promzy’s exit plan and the where about of the other group members.

“Being in a group is a crazy hustle because you need to find a way to put your egos on the side and work.” Zeal born Abdul Hamid Ibrahim told Lexis Bill. “But along the way Bone had to go to school in London and so he abandoned the group and left. He is a Preacher now, I was in Germany and he called me. With Friction he said he wanted to go solo just as Promzy did. He said he wanted to do his solo project which we were not happy with because he was the leader of the group and that was the beginning of the group and we didn’t know too much then. We were thinking things were going to be hard but we never gave up and kept the vision in progress.

Throwing more light on Promzy’s issue, Zeal revealed Promzy tried to leave the group in 2010 but they talked him out of it.

“Promzy said he wanted to be a solo artist for some time now and that was even before we drop our Away album which had I Think I Like Am. That was 2010, he came up to the group and said he wanted to do a solo project and we sat him down and spoke to him extensively.

“Because before that 2010 album, we had been quiet for a minute. So it wouldn’t help any of us we popped up again as solo artist, so let’s do this work before any solo projects and later he was really happy he listened to us because that project was very successful.

“Because what we do it perfect together. Because we had been together for over ten years and so if any of us wanted to go solo, there was a way we could do it. Because we wanted to be that group that stayed together for a long time.

“It’s the same reason that he gave in 2010 that surfaced when he decided to leave. But this time round he came up with an idea, he told us he wanted each one of us to do a solo track so we can let people know we were capable of doing solo works which we thought was a cool plan because even Mugeez and Paedae does that. Because if you and your wife stays for a long time, there times you want to do things.

“So we accepted and so we decided Prodigal will drop first, then Him and then I will drop. Prodigal did DJ which is still the theme song of the DJ Awards, after that Promzy wasn’t still ready, he said he was busy because he was getting married and all, so I dropped Human Gyata and after we were waiting for his single but he said he wasn’t ready yet. Later he called us for another meeting and made us know he wanted to shoot a video for his song which wasn’t the original plan. But that was what he had decided to do so we started smelling something fishy with his whole approach. So we didn’t want the news to be out there like we fought before he left the group.

“He leaving us, affected the group because people especially Ghana follow one thing for a long time before changing to another. We don’t like change that much, but we know we don’t give up easily.


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