WATCH VIDEO: Kwaku Bonsam ‘slaps’ Powerful prophet over Ebony’s death

WATCH VIDEO: Kwaku Bonsam ‘slaps’ Powerful prophet over Ebony’s death

Outspoken fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam has slapped the prophet who predicted Ebony’s death with insults for failing to do nothing about the prophecy, describing him as fake man of God.

He explained that, as a prophet what you prophecy should edify and guide the lives of the people you speak to.

Kwaku Bonsam said he is fully convinced that their source of power does not come from the Lord Jesus Christ as they claim.

“What at all is wrong with these fake men of God? If God revealed to you. The best thing to do was to pray for the beautiful soul and not allow the lady to die before you come telling us these fake news. They are all fake. God will deal with them one after the other” he said on his Facebook Live Page.

According to Kwaku Boonsam, charlatans who are persistently denting his image will soon encounter the wrath of God Almighty.

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