Wayoose Talks About How He Came By His Name

Wayoose Talks About How He Came By His Name

Joseph Nana Kofi Osei aka Wayoosi talks about his beginning.

Furthermore, he has been in the movie industry for a long time

Moreover, the actor spoke about the first ever movie he acted to shoot him to fame and how much he was paid then.

Wayoose on his first movie role and his first pay

“My first time on a movie set, acting with top actors like Agya Koo, Santo, Joojo Robertson, Master Richard and Suzzy Williams. It was in a movie titled ‘Awieye’. I was dumbfounded and a bit nervous seeing these actors. However, I mustered courage and played my role very well. All the actors clapped for me after my role on set.”

Furthermore, he said Master Richard gave him the name. Now the name is a household brand.

“Master Richard approached me to feature in his popular television series, Dada Boat. So through Master Richard and featuring in Dada Boat TV series, I got the name WAYOOSI. I received GhC50.00 as pay for the role I played in ‘Ma Tricki’ movie… Agya Koo also received GhC200.00 for that same movie.”

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