Wayosi receives threats over political Song

imagesOne of Ghana’s industrious actors, Wayosi aka Borbor has received some threats over the week after releasing his debut single track title “Wo Se Wontie Obia”?

Wayosi is known for acting, so it got people surprised how he could give out such a wonderful tune with that sweet voice on a track. When Flex newspaper asked him why he had never made Ghanaians know he was a musician, he had this to say:

“Well, whoever didn’t know I do music does not know my background and how I got into this industry. My brother, I started as a backing vocalist who was backing Lord Kenya on all the big platforms he mounted. I used to come on stage to warm up the fans before Lord Kenya steps on stage so in short, I will say, I started as a rapper and a singer, so doing music today is just remembering my past,” Wayosi stated.

When asked why he decided to do that political song and who he was targeting, he said that he was not targeting any political party and was not even doing politics with his songs so he was surprised people concluded that he was doing politics with his single track.

The song actually talks about the fact that, someone in this country is claiming he won’t listen to anybody because he has power but Wayosi wants the person to understand that, all shall pass.

Even Daddy Lumba cants say I am referring to him because; it’s just an advice I am giving to young men in the country who have decided not to listen to advice when they are on high. Look, I have been a gangster before, I have stayed in Colombia and when I tell you things I have done there, you wouldn’t believe, I have dealt in drugs there, thanks to God, today we listened to advise and have stopped following all those vanity life, and so if I do a song and advise the young ones to desist from their pride and respect elders, I know what I am talking about, Wayosi explained.

“I don’t see why someone will attack me because he feels I am referring to his or her political party. In any case, cant political parties be advised if they are going wrong? Wayosi added



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