We also like secular music- Pastors reveal

imagesEven though most Christians see secular music as profane and against the word of God, some Rev. Ministers have confessed enjoying such songs whenever they hear them played on radio.

In an interview with Kwamina Idan on Adom FM, one of the pastors, Rev. Abraham Lamptey, founder of the Believers House of Worship, confessed that he loved listening to some secular music, particularly Samini’s song ‘ Se Obi D) woa’.

“I dont play with my Samini, I always love listening to his songs”, he disclosed.

He further said, he would attend his (Samini) shows if he invites him (pastor).

According to him, pastors also equally have inner feelings like other ordinary persons and they also have to deal with the criticism from people.

“If you accept that we are human and you will get closer to understand what we are going through as pastors you will help the outsiders understand what we go through and you will go a long way to heal us. Pastors are very lonely, very very lonely – hmm we are suffering o”, he sadly revealed.

Rev Lamptey acknowledged that some secular songs are inspirational and sometimes brings happiness to the soul but ‘protocol’ would advise them not to listen to such songs.

“It is even difficult for some of us to experience outdoor programmes apart from church'”, he added.

Some other pastors like Apostle Oko Hackman of International Deliverance Prayer Center, Prophet Alex Twum of Word Vision Church also shared their heartfelt feeling on the same platform in concert with Rev. Lamtey

Disclosing his favourite circular musician, Apostle Oko, said he enjoyed Kojo Antwi’s songs particularly his ‘Me nya Ntaban’ song while Prophet Twum loves Amakye Dede’s ‘Bebrebe yi’.

The duo, said, going to experience shows of these secular artistes was a problem due to the audience, who would express surprise and quickly spread their presence in the media for them to be criticized.

“Going to such shows is not bad but at times we should also look at the concept of the show, the kind of dressing, so us pastors can also attend”, Apostle Oko said.

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