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62131094.295Having been missing on the music scene for five years, many of their fans would have expected to see Flowking Stone and Kunta Kinte on stage together when Bradez bounces back but this might not happen yet.

Stone is returning to active music but without his kid brother Kunta. Tomorrow, he will release Too Strong, a single off his 17-track Gifted album which will come out on a yet to be confirmed date.

Talking to Showbiz last Tuesday, Stone, real name Kwaku Nsiah-Boamah defended why he is coming out on his own and leaving his brother behind.

“ I know some people may think I am being selfish and leaving my brother behind but my solo project does not mean we are going our separate ways.

“ After he fell ill, I had to slow down for a while. But I realised that it will be better to come out and still be relevant in the music industry than to wait for Kunta, and we all disappear into oblivion.

“It was not very comfortable deciding to come out on my own but we can’t let the name Bradez die. It is a difficult situation, but we have to deal with it. We have discussed it several times, and we decided it would be good for us to remain active in music and to keep the brand alive then let it die.

“ I have moved to Accra to work, and Kunta is in Kumasi with our mum and that makes it difficult to work together as a team. Yes, sometimes he comes around, or I go over but we can only do so much. We couldn’t create songs together like we usually do. Sometimes, he wouldn’t be aound to finish what we have started.

“ We are however working on an album together and we are just waiting for him fully to recover then we will release it. That project will come off after my solo project.

“ He is my blood brother. It is a family thing. I feel I represent Bradez. Yes, Gifted is just about me but it is still from Flowking of Bradez. I think coming out now will work out well for both of us in the long run.

Stone, 31, a biomedical scientist with MDS Lancet Laboratories told Showbiz that starting from tomorrow, he will release a single on the first of every month till he is ready to hit the market with his album.

“ Too Strong is about Bradez. What we have been through since Kunta fell sick, the challenges we have faced, why the solo project among others. It is in the hiphop vein because the genre allows you the freedom to express oneself, and I wanted to express myself.

The song that features Lil Shaker and Ryan, the current Vodafone Icon winner was produced by Mike Millz under Rapfam in collaboration with One Mic Entertainment.

Talking to Kunta Kinte, real name Kwaku Nsiah Amankwah from his Kumasi base via telephone, he gave his blessings to his brother’s project saying “I am happy for Stone. Although it is his project, I feel every part of it. Until I fully recover, there is a need to keep Bradez alive and he is doing just that.”

Source: Graphic Online

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