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We are too big for TV3 Music Music


We are too big for TV3 Music Music

imagesThe host of TV3’s ‘Music Music,’ Root Eye has told Sammy Flex of Pluzz FM that the absence of most top artistes on the show stems from the fact that the artistes charge huge sums of money they can’t afford to pay.

According to the ace presenter, what makes these shows strong is the content they present and it`s difficult getting top artistes to come on the show which is now affecting the beauty of the then family television show.

“We only present what we have been given to present. Let’s say you call an artiste and they give you excuse that they can’t make it so give them two or three months and you resort to those who come forward because they need the platform to show what they have, what do you get?

You will present what you have. I remember I called Jam Masta Jay when Kaakie released ‘Ronaldo’ to come to the show and he said they were bigger than ‘Music Music’ so they won’t come” he revealed.

Root Eye made it clear that for those who think they have their followers on their various social media already and don’t need the traditional platforms, they will someday turn and it won’t be there.

“If this same platform that many grew up from will be demeaned and artistes would say they are bigger than it, then it’s up to them,” he said.

He also urged that it will be worthwhile if we build platforms to ensure that even those who can’t connect on the internet can also get in touch.

TV3 should also know that we need these artistes and so they should find a way of meeting their needs as well.


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