Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy is unhealthy

imagesGone are the days when pregnant women were restricted from showing off baby bump by wearing tight clothing in its early stages.

Now, it is rare to see a pregnant woman in a loose outfit or what is popularly termed as maternity gown. Even in the early stages, pregnant woman wear fitting clothes that reveal their baby bump.

Most women are fashion conscious and it reflects when they get pregnant; hence it gives them the platform to look smart especially in jeans and skinny skirts.

Speaking to a fashion guru, Ama Amoah of Ama clothing line in Accra, “Pregnancy is no longer considered a time in a woman’s life where she has to wear shapeless and loose clothes to hide her baby bump. Pregnant women are now showing off their sense of style with their bump in very simple and smart wears”.

She added that “fitting clothes make them look younger and beautiful”.

On the other hand, Mrs. Yirenkyi, a Midwife at the Ridge Hospital in Accra said there is no sense in pregnant women wearing tight clothes to show off their baby bump. She was of the view that wearing tight clothes to show off their baby bump is bad and can affect the baby.

“These tight clothes can hurt the baby and make the wearer so uncomfortable. She added that most young people especially celebrities who show off their baby bump does not understand it and are rather causing more harm than good to their lives”.

According to the Midwife wearing tight clothes, especially on the waistline during pregnancy, causes discomfort like heartburn and an acidic feeling around the chest area.

“Also when a dress is tight around the waist digestive process is slow and the contents remain in stomach leading to uneasiness”, she said.

Furthermore, during pregnancy the blood volume of the body increases. Wearing clothes that are too tight blocks the free flow of blood in the body. It can result in the swelling of the hands and legs.

Pregnant women and the baby growing inside them need to be comfortable so wearing tight clothes to show off a baby bump is a big no.

For some, wearing loose clothes makes one look too big and prevents them from looking smart, to some the debate should not be on how pretty and smart they look in these tight clothes but rather the negative aspect of it thus pregrant women must look comfortable in everything they rock.




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