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What Makes You Crave For Money or Successs?

Chris Meets

What Makes You Crave For Money or Successs?

Men will fall in love with beauty whiles Women fell in love with money. However, Men are able to make money whiles Women extract money from their prey. The prey always saw one thing in a Woman, which could easily be denied of him before or After to society. It is clear that seeing a Woman naked once or multiple times does not warrant ownership. What exactly do you see in a woman? Imagine your first love… do you remember those days you thought she did not even take a shit?

This brings me to my point…..”Motivation” being the cause of a Mans fight to be successful with the ultimate goal of being rich. “BOSS, Make you no talk say you only love God, thunder FIRE your MOUTH”. A true business man will tell ignore s#x for money, because that is the main reason why a Woman will secretly sleep with you. “abi you bab” … Shine your eyes… Money is everything.

LEARN THE SKILL OF MAKING MONEY and everything else will follow including WOMEN!!!


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