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What reviewers missed on ‘One more time’

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What reviewers missed on ‘One more time’

Photo credit: youtube

Photo credit: youtube

Mzbel who got mixed up with political wrangling early this month by her open campaign for the NDC got everyone talking with alleged reports of attacks on her by some NPP thugs, hinted on her Instagram that she was betrayed by a friend who recorded her NPP attack ordeal and played it on air to the delight of her haters.

She later followed this revelation with a narration she posted on Facebook about a ‘snake’ and woman, warning that one should be wary of friends who stick close and hug you, than the enemy that bears his teeth at you.

But today’s piece is for the ace singer’s release, “One more time”. A track she dropped in March, and followed it up with its video 5 months later.

Most reviews on Mzbel’s much talked about release in 2016, “One more time” described the mid-tempo track as silky and captivating; with a few jabs on her near “nakedness’’ in the visuals.

Now, here’s what asempanews’ entertainment desk actually thinks about this track “One more time.”

The theme – Love is one of the most widely discussed concept by everyone; a concept which when badly communicated, easily appears to be a cliché but when communicated right grips its target, whether young, or old and keeps them drunk in its effects.

Was Mzbel, successful in her attempt to sell the love concept? Yes she did!

Lyrics – Lyrics is the lifeblood of any musical work. Words used in this track were the simplest to understand yet riddled in the most intriguing manner that makes one want to linger and hear more.

Mzbel was able to tease her targets to hang on a little bit more to hear more of her sweet words, “bounce like a butterfly, sting like bee, sweeter than the sweetest wine, riding of her body like a biker, blah blah… – who wouldn’t want to hear more of that?

So was Mzbel successful with her lyrics on this one? Yes she nailed it!

Video – The clip produced by JMJ was done to achieve the purpose it was intended with all the hotness of Mzbel brought on display. The settings were perfect, the drama and angles the camera picked the visuals made the sensation she wanted to create came across just right in the correct dose to complements the lyrics and gestures of Mzbel. To all haters bashing and calling her ‘nekkid’ in this video, hold your fire!

It’s a sensual track so … (se wobe hwe a hwe, se wonhwe a, yi w’ani) to wit, if you’re not ready for all the hotness in this track, please look away…

Vocal – Vocals play an important role in music. A singer can soar or flop based on this one component. Adele is Adele because of the richness of her voice, depth and pitch, Tiwa Savage, Beyonce, Rihanna, John Legend and all the celebrated musicians of our time.

Now, can we say Mzbel brought a well-trained, rich and articulated voice display in this track?

No, she delivered well on the genre with some huskiness any girl on heat would sound like, but apart from that, she sang in a tone any ordinary girl on the street will sing to her peers at any given time.

So she needs to take her vocals to another level; and take it so far, in a way an experienced songstress would sing to bring out all the silkiness, depth and pitch in their voice.

Apart from that, this track “One more time’ is one of Mzbel’s best since the beginning of her music career.

Watch video below:


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