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When road construction becomes health hazard


When road construction becomes health hazard

In Ghana one of the most popular  item used by politicians  for their campaign  is the construction  of roads. Most of the roads in Ghana are in a deplorable  state which offers a venue  to male promises of a better option.
when road construction  starts they can take about 10 year    s to construct  due to power Change among  other complications. One of the most common  is contractors not being  paid or two contractors  fighting  over the project. Some roads can linger for almost 10 years before it’s completion.
I have a added some pictures  that shows how much dust is accumulated  on the lashibi  to a shaman road which  has been under construction  for 6 years now.
The dust is so much and can affect the health of people living  and trading  in the vicinity.


by Monica Otomfuor |

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