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When Visiting A Bank Becomes A Fustration.


When Visiting A Bank Becomes A Fustration.

Bank-Nationalization-HindiBanking  halls are one of the places we visit at least once in a year and there are so many incidents they come with.  Most of our transactions  in such places is to help  a group of investors make some money.
One giod yhing anout bamks is how well they set up their office in a comvenient area. Yheu also have very good deciraruon or set up for their banking halls, neatly lined with their colours.
The most annoying  of all is when you are going  to save and have to stand in a queue or on their seats dragging your ass to follow a queue. It’s amazing an act and you keep wondering why they do nothing  about  the traffic in their banking  halls.
Another very fustrating  incident is when you want to withdraw  money and yore quite new to the bank. You have to keep walking  about taking instructions  from different  people, you mostly find yourself lost till your able to finish up  and leave.
One thing which is simultaneous  to all banks is that all their tellers don’t work. At every point in time one is just an idol teller who won’t make any attempt  to serve you.
The worst offenders are  the tellers who won’t bothering speaking  nicely or relating in a good way. Most of them don’t  do a good job in relating to customers  to the extent of frowning  or getting  pissed when you make enquiries  more than once. This is so bad you sometimes wonder what happened  to customer service.
Some banks give very attractive  offers to open an account  and later start  giving some conditions  which causes frustrating to customers. I stood in a queue to cash money  and I was asked I couldn’t  redraw 300 cedis but counter withdrawal  start from 500cedis so I should  use the ATM. Unfortunately  I didn’t  have my ATM so either I withdraw 500 cedis or pay a penalty  to withdraw  300 cedis.
It all boils down to the work of the public  relations  officer of these banks to uphold the image of the company. All workers must be taught and trained on good relations and to uphold the brand of such financial institutions.


Monica  Otumfuor

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Monica O

Monica Maakor Otumfuor an Alumni of Ghana Institute of Journalism is a Writer and English tutor by profession. A voice over artist and an articulate spokesperson. She loves to volunteer and is passionate about mentoring others.

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