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Whitney Houston’s Best And Worst Moments


Whitney Houston’s Best And Worst Moments

When Whitney Houston was in her prime, her star didn’t seem like it could ever stop soaring. But her bouts with drug and alcohol abuse in her later years proved that even the best among us can fall to the frailties of life. But, through it all, most of us were hoping that she would beat the demons hellbent on pulling her down. As of Saturday night, we are not sure what took her life.

But, in the interim, NewsOne has put together some of Whitney’s best and worst moments. Let’s kick it off with some of her better times!

Super Bowl XXV National Anthem 1991
Perhaps the best rendition of the National Anthem ever. Nuff said!

The Bodyguard (1990s Interracial Romance)
Interracial relationships depicted on the big screen are either so hyper-exaggerated or poorly performed that the essence of how two people from different races can see past societal ignorance to find love in each other is often missed. But Whitney’s performance in “The Bodyguard” was right on point and paved the way for more sophisticated films on interracial romance to follow. Though few have yet to match it, here is a scene from the film below.

And here is Whitney during her not-so-best moments….

Diane Sawyer Interview
“Crack is whack!” Need we say more?

Australian 2010 Performance
When you pay more than $150 to see someone sing, you want a show! But when Whitney sang in Australia in 2010, she was a disaster! And the folks who paid top dollar to see her said as much….

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