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Who has Castro’s phone?


Who has Castro’s phone?

imagesEvery well-thinking Ghanaian would have wished that the Castro Saga should have come to a logical conclusion already but with the artiste and his said acquaintance, Janet Bandu still missing; it leaves conspiracy theories, conjectures and wrong leads.

One of such theories that were not elaborated upon by the during their less revealing press conference last week, is the whereabouts of the mobile phone of the artiste.

In a chat with Castro’s Mr. John Eshun Tagoe, he stated that; it has already been established that his did not jet-ski with his phone but the family can still not find the whereabouts of the phone.

“Before the incident, Castro called with his phone and I had also been calling his line after the supposed incident. Initially, it was going through but someone kept cutting the line anytime I called until it got to a point when the phone was switched off,” he explained.

According to him, the police claim they are doing all they can to unravel the case, but the family is also doing their private investigations to assist the authorities. Mrs. Lydia Naa Dede Tagoe, Castro’s mother also said that; she’s confused over the whole issue, especially when people keep narrating different stories to them – but she believes ’s time is the best.

Mrs. Tagoe explained that, they were told that Castro’s phone was nowhere to be found but they were informed initially that he did not go to the waters with his phone.

“I can’t even sleep, am growing slim and people are just keeping me in suspense with different calls and narrations. For now; I would not like to speak on the issue, because the more I speak about it, the more it keeps me in despair, I put my hope and trust in the Lord,” an obviously distressed Mrs. Tagoe stated.

However, in the case of Janet Bandu, her family has been able to retrieve her phone after so much back and forth. The family are said to have retrieved Janet’s phone from her close pal, Alberta, who is said to have taken their missing daughter to Ada.

Per the testimonies shared by the parents of Castro, it is clear that the phone of the hiplife artiste is in the possession of one of the many people who went on the fun trip to Ada but attempts by the paper to reach Samuel Anim Addo, Business Manager/PRO of Asamoah Gyan to address the issue of Castro’s phone proved futile.


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