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Why I Actually Left My Former Boyfriend—Halima Abubakar


Why I Actually Left My Former Boyfriend—Halima Abubakar

imagesIn 2014, the relationship between Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, and her boyfriend ended abruptly. This was after they had reconciled from a similar breakup in 2013.

But since then, she has not disclosed the real reason for the second breakup. According to Halima, she was part of the reason for it because she never paid attention to the relationship.

“I broke up with my boyfriend and I didn’t handle it well. Not me alone, we both didn’t handle the situation well. But you know I am a woman, we all react differently. To some people, they can just take a drink and sleep off. And that’s the end. They don’t have anything to think about.

“But I just realized I loved him deeply. I didn’t think I was that romantic. I thought it was the Django, Rainbow or Odechi (laughs) thing. So, falling in love was kind of something new to me. Then, having problem upon problem about it until it ended up in a major breakdown,” she told Encomium.

She stated that there were issues in 2013 but it hit the rocks in 2014 which was when the whole depression stated for about seven months.

According to her, “It happened first in December 2013, and we came back in 2014. And we broke up again which led to the whole thing. He didn’t even know, I am sure he couldn’t even believe I was in love with him to that extent. That’s why.

“So, I advise people to show love to who they claim to love. And for any guy that’s in love with a woman, he should show her that love, pay her all the attention and make her know you love her. You don’t allow her to doubt your love.”


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