‘Why I hid my family in Canada- Nigerian comedian, Okey Bakassi

imagesPopular Nigerian comedian Okechukwu Mac-Anthony also known as Okey Bakassi has explained in an interview, why he ‘hid’ his family abroad and what it takes to be a good comedian.
“I have been married for 13years now. My first child is 12years old, the second just turned 10 last recently and the last boy of the house is 6. “They don’t live in Nigerian they were all born and raised in Canada because of the stress and fears of raising kids here in nigeria. I shuttle between Nigeria and Canada. Any other comedian who tries what I do will just die career wise. I am the one person that can leave this business 3-years and come back and still be relevant, if you try it your career is gone”.

The Nigerian comedian continued “I have been doing it (shuttling between Canada and Nigeria) for the past 12-years. So, imagine I haven’t gone anywhere, I will probably own everywhere. Please allow me brag small. It is hard work and God. My kids are doing fantastically well; they are making me and their mum proud.” He said

On what makes a good comedian, the proud father of three said, “originality, spontaneous, and continuity. Be a master story teller. You have to have that craftsmanship of a story teller. You must be spontaneous in your jokes. You have to be original; don’t depend on people’s jokes. That is why you see some comedian fade way because they depend on other people’s joke. Just depend on God’s given talent and you will get there.”

The veteran all round entertainer has been around in the make-believe world for over two decades. As an accomplished actor and stand-up comedian, Okey’s rich profile earned him appointment as Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment Affairs to the erstwhile Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State.



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