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Why I Want 10 Boko Haram Members To Sleep With Me In Exchange For Chibok Girls—Adokiye


Why I Want 10 Boko Haram Members To Sleep With Me In Exchange For Chibok Girls—Adokiye

imagesLast week, in an interview published by Vanguard newspaper, Imo State-born singer, Adokiye Ngozi Kyrian revealed that she would not mind losing her virginity to Boko Haram members in order to secure the release of the Chibok girls, who were abducted by the terrorist group over two months ago.

Adokiye disclosed that 10 to 11 members of the dreaded group can sleep with her if they would release the girls at the end of the day.

Though some Nigerians reacted to the statement, claiming she was only looking for a cheap attention through the unfortunate incident, but she laughed such off.

In an interview, the Peace Ambassador explained that she is just being emotional about the issue. According to her, she does not have a boyfriend. 

“Yes I said that and I don’t mind giving myself as exchange so that these girls can go back to their parents. I just felt pity for the poor little girls, it has been a while now and nobody is saying anything about it. They have been away from their parents and their mothers. The government has done everything it could just for the release of the girls,” she said.

When  asked what her boyfriend would say or do if the Boko Haram agrees to take her offer, she said, “the way people are missing those girls out there is the same way I will be missed. I live for others, living for others could be sacrificing, and anyway you can, just for people to have peace. 

“Definitely, if I say I want to die for the world now, people will cry for me, after all, when Jesus died for us, Mary cried for her son, but then he did it, definitely people will miss me. For boyfriend, I don’t know what that means. I don’t have a boyfriend.”


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