Wisa Greid release apology statement

Wisa Greid release apology statement

The upcoming musician Wisa Greid have received numerous messages condemning his behavior at the Citi FM’s event through social media and traditional outlets. His management has issued a statement to effect promise such behavior will not repeat itself.
Below is the statement posted on the artist facebook.


I fully understand the outrage that will greet this statement. And I want to begin by saying I am really, truly sorry.

In the early hours of Friday, December 25, I performed at the December 2 Remember Concert, organized by Citi FM. It was really my first big career live stage performance and the crowd had been amazing in the way they received me.

Then, I did something disappointing. I showed my genitals while performing.

I cannot explain this rash and irresponsible behaviour, but I have been trained to acknowledge my fault and be responsible for my actions. That is why I want to accept every bit of criticism that has come my way in the ensuing hours.

I have disappointed myself, my family, my hard-working management team, Citi FM and the audience, who paid hard-earned money to be entertained but instead went away feeling anything but entertained.

Most importantly, I disappointed my God. I am exceedingly sorry for what I have done.

I acknowledge the statement issued earlier from the Office of Hiplife and Hiphop at the Musician Union of Ghana and will avail myself to all planned disciplinary actions in the coming week.

There are no words to describe how I feel about what I did. I hope the public as whole and industry stakeholder will find a place in their hearts to forgive me.

Thank you very much.

By Antwi Odrey| ghanashowbiz.com

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