Wizard punch Samini in the face | Thank God he is fine

Wizard punch Samini in the face | Thank God he is fine

A big fan of Obuor from boligatanga punched Samini in the face and nearly crushed him like a can of coke when he heard negative comments made about Obour in the media. Pluzz FM had to deploy over 700 security officers to rescue the situation after a man descended from a plane which landed in front of the studio straight from Boliga.

“It took me 2mins to fly down here” he told the police. It’s not clear how he managed the journey, yet he claims to have landed with an invisible aircraft boeng527 purchased from an unknown source. One of the guards present at the scene told the police they saw an object whisk away when they arrived.

“That object looked like a gyrocopter molded with a plantain leaf, the man who is now in the custody of Tesano Police looks like a descendant of “Yaanom”. I don’t believe in witchcraft but this one definitely caught my attention,” he said.


Samini aka Emmanuel Andrews was reported to have said “president Obour must step down for a younger person to take charge not an older generation.”

Police confirmed his name as Yousif Mahama of 36 years, currently behind bars pending charges.

Ghanashowbiz.com called the multiple award winning ”Yaagayoo” artist, but with no luck. We are told his broken nose is under surgery at Kingdom Herbal as at 6pm last night. A crew member has confirmed Samini will not press charges.

By Owusu Odomedi






Disclaimer: This story is a satire. Although public figures are mentioned by name, the corresponding story details are invented. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental.

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