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Woman who sat for exams shortly after giving birth


Woman who sat for exams shortly after giving birth

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Tabloid News of Wednesday, 26 February 2020



She posted her story on her Facebook page in September 2019

A young mother is getting media attention following her exceptional performance in her exams not long after giving birth.

Although many people including her instructor had given up on her chances of being able to sit for the exams, Kiara Nelson has proved all the sceptics wrong.

Her story has inspired many people with some commending her can-do spirit which made her ignore all discouragements.

Kiara shared a photo of herself still on the hospital bed where she was delivered and revealed that she had two exams to sit for the same day just moments after giving birth.

She suffered preeclampsia, making her give birth at 35 weeks, which was way earlier than expected.

The pregnancy complications coupled with the fast-approaching exams made her instructor advise her to drop her class because she did not think Kiara could sit for her papers after delivery.

“I passed the midterm with flying colours after being told I was going get dropped from her class over.” she wrote on Facebook.

“The fact that I have a new baby girl and still manage to get all my assignments done for school I was a little frustrated because right after giving birth due to preeclampsia @ 35weeks I had 2 assignments due the same day and my instructor wasn’t letting up on me she told me just to drop her class cause she didn’t think I could get her assignments done after giving birth,” Kiara added.

The determined mother of a beautiful baby girl said not even breastfeeding could deter her from taking part in the exams and now she has no regret for taking the risk.

“I could’ve used it as an excuse but what was that going to get me with that being said something I couldn’t control Prayers works every time Big thanks to the Lord (Don’t mind baby girl she’s sleeping well after a full belly)” she posted.

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