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Wonderkid Bounce drops ‘B.O.U.N.C.E’ mixtape!


Wonderkid Bounce drops ‘B.O.U.N.C.E’ mixtape!

Young and talented budding hiphop artist, Wonderkid Bounce has finally completed his much anticipated second mixtape, ‘B.O.U.N.C.E’ (better one you never can experience) which he hopes would introduce him to a Ghanaian and worldwide audience.

The first single from the mixtape, ‘Chase Your Dreams or Die’ enjoyed massive patronage across Europe in the latter parts of2010. The latest single, ‘Show Me What You Got’ featuring Blackguy is also making waves with the video enjoying thousands of hits daily online.

The mixtape consists of productions from THX (who has produced tracks for Snoop Dogg and The Clipse), Garenchia, Statikmusic, Aye Q and more. The 11-track compilation, released by So Fresh Music Group (SFMG), an upcoming record label based in the Netherlands is available for free downloading on

Wonderkid’s first mixtape dropped 2 years ago and his fans have been waiting for his followup since. The rapper comments, “I decided to make something that would describe my sound; aA sound that people would like. To me, this tape is my first introduction to let fans know who I am. I call my music uplifting. I gave it my own genre ‘elevated music’”.

Born as Manfred Talvin in Paris, Wonderkid Bounce moved with his mother to Amsterdam at the age of 1. Growing up in the South East of Amsterdam, popularly known as the Bijlmer, Wonderkid listened to all kinds of music, from well-known Ghanaian artists such as Reggie Rockstone to famous American artists such as Michael Jackson, 2pac, and Jay-z. Inspired by the young age of rapper Lil Bow Wow, Wonderkid at the age of 14 started writing his own lyrics with the aim of becoming a rapper too. He often showed his rap skills to friends and family, who gave him positive feedback that motivated him to do something serious with his rap skills. He soon started performing in school and other places.

In 2006 his cousin and 2 other friends started a music group (which has eventually turned into the record label, SFMG) to explore their music skills further. In 2008, he released his first mix-tape called ”The Wonderkid Magic Show” which featured various artists and productions by his producer Aye Q. In addition to his mix-tape, Wonderkid-Bounce had featured on other mix-tapes such as StatikMusic’s album called ” Statiktape Re-release”

‘B.O.U.N.C.E’ contains tracks for a wide audience and according to Wonderkid, there’s a song for everyone. He comments that the mixtape is s hip-hop with a new style and hints of a return to Ghana in July. “We will be in Ghana from July to promote the tape and do some feature’s with other artist. That’s still a secret”. Follow Wondekid Bounce on


Track listing for B.O.U.N.C.E
1. B.O.U.N.C.E ft Ashley
2. Wonder’s in da House
3. Fly Sh*t
4. What’s good ft. Dj Game Ova (skit)
5. Kill a Damn beat
6. Forever Baby
7. Chase your dreams or die
8. Runway girl
9. Show me what you got ft Blackguy
10. Afterparty ft Kofi (outro)
11. Bonus track: Nothing on me ft Meron

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