World first  Longest Glass Bridge Opens In China – And It’s 755 Ft High

World first Longest Glass Bridge Opens In China – And It’s 755 Ft High

Some of us find it bad enough climbing up a ladder to get change a lightbulb – let alone tackle a massive bridge with a glass floor that ‘sways a little’. Urgh, fuck that.
This particular bridge, which has just opened in China, is a glass-bottomed suspension bridge that’s 1,601ft (487m) long, making it the longest glass bridge in the world. It’s 191ft (58m) longer than the previous record-holding bridge, which is also in China.
Suspended between two cliffs in the Hongyagu Scenic Area in Hebei Province, the bridge is also 755ft (230m) high – that’s roughly the height of a 66-storey building. In short, it’s fucking HIGH.
The bridge, which opened on Christmas Eve, has a 6.5ft-wide (2m) walkway, meaning a couple of people can walk along side-by-side – you’d definitely want a buddy to cling onto as you walk across it, and to shout ‘If I’m going down then so are you!’ at.

The walkway is paved with a total of 1,077 glass panels, according to People’s Daily Online, citing China Daily. Each of those panels is just 1.5 inches (3.81cm) thick – which may sound thin, but probably feels even worse when you’re stood up there looking down.
And because the idea of walking across a see-through bridge isn’t thrilling enough for some, there’s another element to the adrenaline rush in that it has a ‘swaying sensation’. The company that built the bridge – Hebei Bailu Group – told local media that they thought the swinging motion could entertain tourists as they take in the breath-taking scenery around them. Because a 755ft drop isn’t enough of a sensation in itself, clearly

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